New Officers/ Newly Initiated Brothers

We recently have finished elections. This is our new Executive Board:

Consul: Will Stark, LWS42@CASE.EDU

Pro-Consul: Paul Emanuele, PAE18@CASE.EDU

Annotator: Ben Chapman, BCC52@CASE.EDU

Risk Manager: Kyle Macdonald, KLM152@CASE.EDU

Recruitment Chair: Jake Kucia, JPK93@CASE.EDU

Tribune: Jake Pestel, JMP269@CASE.EDU

Quaestor: Will Schnack, WBS24@CASE.EDU

Magister: Tony Damiano, ARD80@CASE.EDU

Kustos: Liam Killingstad, LCK27@CASE.ED

Click the following Link to see the New Officers: Executive Board

We are also excited to announce we have Initiated 13 New Brothers into the chapter. We are appreciative to have received such great guys from Danny Souza, the 2016 Recruitment Chair. Also, thank you Jake Shields (Fall 2016 Magister) for providing great education through out the pledge process!

 The new brothers can be seen on the following link: Class of 2020