Case Western Reserve University Homecoming

Friday Night: 

  • Meet the brothers at the Jolly Scholar bar on campus at 7:30pm


  • We will be walking in the parade at 10:30am
  • Begin tailgating for the football game on top of Lot 46, the stadium parking garage before the game at 12:00pm. Food will be provided. You will be able to find us by the significant amount of Sigma Chi apparel we will be wearing and by a flag we will have raised.


  • Chapter Sunday evening. We will have a chapter time determined by this upcoming Wednesday. Contact me if you have interest in attending.

If you have any questions or have trouble finding us at any of the events please contact me or any of the following officers:

Will Stark, Tribune (319)389-8449 LWS42@CASE.EDU

Malcolm Perkins, Consul (978)987-2006 MPP44@CASE.EDU

Nick Smith, Pro Consul (716)341-3460 NJS77@CASE.EDU